About Us

Core Values

   – Animal-friendly and planet-friendly products

   – Promote a cruelty-free way of life

   – Make a difference toward animal wellbeing

   – Ethical, socially responsible and sustainable business practices

Why Alt Mart?

Alt Mart aspires to be the Alternative Cruelty-free choice that you make to positively impact the lives of animals and the environment at large.

Most of us are animal lovers and adore them. And rightly so! They need our love and support and deserve to live freely as we do. Not just our pets, but also those that are the casualties of current consumer products and their supply chains.

The widespread prevalence of animal derivatives in food, personal care and other lifestyle products of daily use, and the means of testing these products, are cause for animal exploitation. Not to mention, the negative impact on the environment from the exponential population growth of animals to support our food chain and thriving consumer product industries. And the ready availability of animal-derived products in markets that we have access to certainly doesn’t help us in making Cruelty-free choices every day.

We at Alt Mart believe that together we can change the status quo. We have a choice to say no to animal exploitation through conscious consumerism.



Our Purpose is to Positively Impact Animal Lives through Cruelty-free Products


Our Vision is to make Cruelty-free Products the Standard


Our Mission is to be a one-stop market for compassionate sellers and consumers
that makes a wide range of Alternative, Cruelty-free and Vegan Products easily available

Our Products

From nutritious food essentials to exotic treats, personal care products of daily use to lifestyle accessories, we want you to have access to a guilt-free Alternative Mart that is unparalleled.

We’ve identified a plethora of products that do not test on animals or use meat, diary, skins or any other by-products that exploit animals. You now have access to products that are compassionate to animals and the environment at large. And we’ll continue to identify and bring to you a diverse range of quality alternative products.


Social Responsibility

Alongside building a diverse marketplace for Cruelty-free and Vegan products, we’d like to use our resources and Alt community to foster projects that aid in enhancing the lives of those beings who inspired our purpose and motivated the concept of Alt Mart – Animalia.

As we grow into a trusted platform that promotes compassion towards animals, one of our core values is to create awareness of Cruelty-free consumerism and lead initiatives that make a difference to animal well-being. Alt Mart will contribute 10% of its profits to enable such initiatives.

Together Is Better

If you’d like to collaborate, introduce a new product that is Cruelty-free and Vegan or provide suggestions on how to make Alt Mart more dynamic in its cause, we are all ears!

We’d love for you to reach out, contribute and be a part of the Alt community and help us achieve the vision of making alternative – cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle and products the standard.