How You Can Shop at Alt Mart During Lockdown

One of the biggest challenges that comes with leading a vegan lifestyle is the shopping. Unless one has an allergy to look out for, one will never read product labels with the care and attention of a vegan. It is up to the vegan to educate themselves on whether a product is vegan-based on its ingredients and the manufacturing process. Despite this, reading labels is no easy task. Especially when it comes to beauty and personal care products.

To add to this, vegans are faced with a lack of choice when they go out to shop. How common is it for grocery stores in India to offer vegan alternatives to dairy? How many of them offer vegan precooked meals or vegan certified personal care products? How easily available are any of these products? Not very. This is where a platform such as Alt Mart comes into the picture.

Alt Mart is India’s exclusive Vegan and Cruelty-free marketplace that makes a wide range of alternative, cruelty-free and vegan products easily available to all. There are over forty brands from across India selling over one thousand products in food and drink, health and nutrition, household, and personal care and lifestyle accessories on Alt Mart. From nutritious snacks to chocolate and ice cream and even desi ghee, beverages to baking condiments, and cosmetics and personal care to bags, wallets, and footwear; you will never have to compromise again.

On Alt Mart, shop brands such as Gowma and Brokemate that offer fashionable, durable, and affordable vegan lifestyle accessories and footwear. For dairy alternatives, check out GoodMylk, Urban Platter, Bombay Cheese Company, and Papa Cream, among others. In need of vegan supplements? You can find Flex Protein’s entire collection of vegan protein alternatives and Unived’s list of essential nutritional supplements here. For essential skincare products, shop the likes of Earthy Sapo, Lustre, and Rustic Art among several others. Alt Mart has it all. And this is just the beginning.

So what’s the Alt Mart advantage you’re getting? Besides being able to find from A-Z of your vegan shopping list, you can rest assured that everything offered on Alt Mart is 100% vegan. We always encourage consumers to read product labels, but we’ve done our homework to ensure your shopping experience is more relaxed. Alt Mart was set up by vegans, for vegans.

However, considering the times, Alt Mart currently isn’t processing orders. But, just because we can’t deliver your order now does not mean you can’t shop now. We’re introducing WISH LISTS where you can save any products you like and moved them to your cart once lockdown is lifted. And we’ve got a special offer for you. Add up to 20 items to your wish list to enjoy a 10% discount at the time of purchase. This offer is valid until Sunday May 3rd. Create your Alt Mart account right now!

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