Why You Should Turn Vegan – 3 Best Reasons

Many people across the globe are consciously eliminating all types of meat from their daily diets. What drives them to choose a vegan diet? Take a look at the three main reasons why turning vegan is the way to go. 

Veganism stands for the people, planet and animals.

A common question almost all vegans are asked is, “Why did you choose veganism?” This question stems from the fact that not a lot of people know what veganism means. Veganism isn’t just about avoiding meat, there are two aspects to it. The first aspect is to eliminate all animal-based foods such as dairy, honey, eggs, gelatin, or anything derived from animals. The second aspect is to choose a cruelty-free lifestyle which actively denounces any products which are tested on animals such as cosmetics, household products, and toiletries and products derived from animals such as leather, silk, wool, and so on. You get the drift, don’t you? In simple terms, veganism is about embracing a cruelty-free and animal-friendly lifestyle which doesn’t exploit innocent species for human pleasure and living.

Now, let’s go back to the question, “Why, veganism?” It turns out that veganism is a brilliant lifestyle choice which offers several benefits. These benefits can be clubbed into three broad categories as follows. 

Ethical Motivation 


Cow suffocated in a milking factory

The excessive, unnecessary, and blatant abuse of animals for food, clothing, and testing purposes is a form of exploitation. The repulsive, objectionable, and cruel practices rampant in the animal farming industry has no traces of compassion or concern for fellow beings on Earth. Instead, they are merely used as food sources instead of treated as sentient beings capable of feelings. From horribly cramped and unsanitary housing conditions to barbaric practices of branding, several millions of animals don’t get a chance to express their natural behaviours. Condemning an animal to such a brutal existence is certainly not humane. To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for animal products, the factory farms are cutting corners and promoting animal abuse. 

Using animals as test subjects are not only cruel but highly unethical. A vegan lifestyle vehemently denounces the reliance on animal-based foods and products. If you are worried about compromising your ethics or wish to lead a life that makes you hold your head up high, try veganism. 

Environmental Considerations 

Veganism can solve climate change

The environmental impact of veganism is truly commendable. These days, environmental pollution is a topic of heated debate and ever-increasing concern. Nations across the globe are coming together, and smart minds are thinking of ways to reduce environmental pollution. According to one recent environmental study, it was noticed animal farming is not only wasteful and cruel but is startlingly inefficient too. The animal industry is one of the most significant polluters of water, topsoil, and air across the globe. A meat-based diet is not only economically draining, but it’s not rich in nutrients, either. From deforestation to contamination of topsoil and poisoning of underground water, a meat-based diet is a leading cause of environmental pollution. Irrespective of whether it’s commercial fishing or cattle farming, everything harms as damages the environment.

When compared to meat-eaters, vegans require 90% less water. Most of the grain that is commercially grown in the world is directed towards sustaining livestock, including major chunks of the oats, corn, and soybeans produced. Imagine if all these resources could be diverted directly towards the human population? In an ideal world where there is no animal farming, and plant-based diets are popular, the chances of reducing world hunger are quite high.

Shifting to a vegan diet allows you to do your bit for the environment. After all, it is our responsibility to take care of the precious resources and ensure there’s sufficient left over for the future generations. Turning towards a sustainable diet with significant environmental benefits is the first step towards tackling environmental pollution. 

Health Factors  

Veganism Improves health.

As the fog surrounding the truth about the adversities of a meat-based diet is coming out, general awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet is increasing. From rampant obesity and an increase in cases of type-2 diabetes, to increase in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disorders are all associated with an animal-based diet. These claims are backed by research and studies which show a plant-based diet is a healthier and longer life than an animal-based diet. The overwhelming scientific evidence can no longer be overlooked because there is a global decline in general human health. The simplest way to reverse all these undesirable health conditions is by shifting to a vegan diet. 

Different vegan foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are rich in harmful saturated fats, contain virtually no cholesterol, and are filled with helpful dietary fiber and nutrients. Excess consumption of animal protein can also cause kidney disorders, osteoporosis, not to mention, cancer. A vegan diet, when followed properly, is a source of sufficient protein, calcium, vitamins, iron, and all macro nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Therefore, the key to a healthier life is a vegan diet. 

After going through all these reasons, we are sure you would have changed your opinion about veganism. Veganism is the key to healthier and happier living with sound ethical and environmental benefits. Now, you have three solid reasons to turn vegan! 


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